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We pre-screen each song submission to target our network of active playlists by similar tracks, genre & mood. We pitch hundreds of our targeted Spotify user playlists to secure and maintain adds from the most influential and active playlists world-wide. Our years of experience matched with industry leading analytics technology ensure we stand by our streams guarantee.

Using our A&R team’s experience. We crafted PlaylistStreams as a means to share our playlist analytic strategy with aspiring musicians looking to guarantee their results on Spotify. Through our efforts, thousands of artists have been placed on Spotify Editorial playlist such as Release Radar and Discover Weekly.







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Depending on your thirst for success, you can pick any one of our campaigns to get started. Once you’ve applied for a campaign, our experienced A&R teams will listen to your handiwork, analyze its target audience, and determine the plausibility of streaming success.

Wait For Approval

The approval process can take anywhere between 24- to 28-hours, which isn’t much considering the instant success you get. During this time, we will strategize your Spotify campaign based on your genre, target audience, context, mood, and sound-alike curators.

Start Experiencing

Once we’ve matched up the perfect song to the right music curators, the magic will start happening. Within no time, your Spotify streams and play count will start growing organically with avid music listeners.

Wait For Approval

For transparency purposes, Playlist Streams will send you regularly updated reports of your followers, listeners, and playlist data so that you can watch your success transpire in front of your eyes.

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