Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between playlist reach, playlist adds and Playlist Streams guaranteed streams?

The main difference between playlist reach, playlist adds and how we guarantee streams is the quality of streams. A service may offer you say 250,000 reach, basically meaning that would put you on one or more playlist that have up to 250,000 followers on their playlist. Another service may offer you a certain amount of playlist adds say 10 – 20 adds for your song. Yes, you may get a good reach (Followers) or certain amount of playlist adds but are those playlist active? Meaning are there active listeners in those playlist? For Example,  you can be on a playlist with 100k or more followers but your song may only get about 100 streams in a month, how does that help you as an artist? You can get on 25 playlist but your song only gets 3k streams in a month, how does that help you as an artist? With Playlist Streams we can guarantee a certain amount of streams because for one we have been in the playlisting space for over 3 years, we also have weeded out all the playlist that are not active or have no active listeners. With our strategy we know which playlist to add your song so that your song is being played by REAL listeners, so that your song will be saved to listeners personal library, your song could reach DISCOVER WEEKLY and/or RELEASE RADAR and we reach the desired streaming goal!


What can I expect from my campaign?

By working with PlaylistStreams we help Record Labels and Independent artist grow their audience by getting their songs placed on active popular Spotify Playlist. These playlist are curated by Spotify Users, we do not work directly with the Spotify Editorial Team. With that said these playlist that we can get you on do make up the algorithm that Spotify uses to for their Discover Weekly and Release Radar Playlist. If your song is generating streams, have a low skip rate and good save rate you have a good chance of hitting the algorithm. If by chance you hire us and your song does not hit the algorithm it just proves that either people were skipping your song or they didn’t like it enough to save it. Please remember all our services are organic, we place your music in front of real listener, so in the end they decide, we just get it in from of them.

How many playlist will my songs be listed on?

Since we guarantee your streams based on your goals, playlist placement can vary. It can start with 5 and end up on hundreds it all depends on how well your song is received by the audience. With our strategy we place the song in playlist that would work to reach the goal at hand.

How many streams will my song get?

We guarantee your streams through strategic playlisting, so if your goal is 25,000 streams, the minimum number of streams your campaign will achieve is 25,000. Anything more is just proof of how well our strategy works.

Do you guarantee my song will be added to a playlist?

Although we cannot guarantee placement, we do our best to only accept music we know will perform well with our playlist curators.

We can only guarantee that you song will be added to playlist but we can not guarantee which particular playlist your song will be added to as the adds are solely up to the curators.

How long will my song remain on each playlist?

The way we operate our strategy it totally depends how long. We may not like the results in one playlist and remove it after a week or two. In other cases we may like the results and keep the song in the list for 30 – 60 days. It all depends on your streaming goals and how well the song is performing.

Which genre will you label my music as?

Once your song is submitted, our A&R staff will review your song and decide which genre we should attack.

Once my track is approved, how long until I'm added onto a playlist?

It usually takes about 48-72 hours before your songs are added to any playlist.

What are the benefits of having my songs on playlist?

Audience reach is one of the main benefits of being on popular playlist. It allows users to discover your music. In addition, Spotify pays the master owner for the streams that are generated from their songs.

The more streams you have the more interest you will get from Major Labels, Distribution Companies, Branding Companies, Film & TV Music Supervisors etc. Not to mention royalties paid out to the artist.

Which Genres do you accept?

We accept Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, EDM, House, Rock, Indie Pop, Latin Pop

Is Spotify the only platform my campaign will run on?

Yes we only work on Spotify Campaigns, but if your song performs well it may trickle over to other Digital Service Providers (DSP).

How long does it take to see results from my campaign?

You should start to see results at least 7 days after we start, maybe even sooner.

What happens if my track isn't approved?

If your track isn’t approved, your payment will not be processed.

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