Posted on 10 Mar 2023

Cracking the Spotify Algorithm: A Guide to Landing on Discover Weekly and Release Radar (2023 Update)

Have you ever stopped to ponder the intricacies of your Discover Weekly or Release Radar playlists on Spotify? It’s no small wonder that these personalized mixes are a musical lifeline for so many. But did you know that they’re also a key player in the game of getting your music heard by a fresh audience?

Sure, stream growth is great, but let’s not forget about the long-term benefits of scoring a spot on a high-quality playlist. This is where the Spotify algorithm comes into play, and where the concept of “cracking” it becomes crucial to artist stakeholders across the music industry.

But don’t worry if this all sounds a bit too abstract. In this post, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about the Spotify algorithm and how Playlist Push can help you navigate the noise and accelerate your growth as an artist on the platform. So sit back, hit play, and get ready to be propelled to the top of the charts.


At the heart of Spotify’s recommendation system is the Bandits for Recommendations by Treatments (BaRT) AI. This powerful tool observes user behavior on the platform, analyzing their reactions to music and personalizing their experience with tailored suggestions.

But it’s not just about the music – BaRT also takes note of user activity such as playlist adds, giving insights into how everyday listeners engage with your tracks. So if you’re looking to expand your reach on Spotify, understanding the workings of BaRT can be a game-changer.

How does it affect me as an Artist?

As an independent artist, you may be wondering how Spotify’s algorithmic playlists impact your career. The truth is, they can make all the difference.

For starters, these playlists offer a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience of users who are already primed to enjoy your sound. However, if your tracks are consistently skipped over and fail to make it onto user-generated playlists, your chances of being featured on Spotify’s algorithmic playlists and gaining exposure to new listeners will be greatly diminished.

Why should I try to get on Algorithmic Playlist?

In today’s music industry, the competition is fierce. With at least 60,000 new songs uploaded to Spotify every day, independent artists face an uphill battle when it comes to gaining visibility.

That’s where algorithmic playlists come in. By getting your tracks onto user-generated playlists, you can gather valuable listener data that feeds into Spotify’s algorithm. This, in turn, can lead to increased exposure and streams – a snowball effect that can propel your career to new heights.

To stand out in a crowded field, it’s crucial to leverage the power of Spotify’s algorithm to your advantage. By understanding how it works and striving to get on algorithmic playlists, you can gain a crucial edge in today’s highly competitive music landscape.

Where does PlaylistStreams fit in the equation?

Now that you understand the importance of getting on algorithmic playlists, you might be wondering how to trigger Spotify’s algorithm and get your tracks noticed.

At PlaylistStreams, we offer access to a network of high-quality playlists that provide real streams and are regularly maintained and updated by their owners. We understand the importance of ensuring your track is placed on organic playlists and not botted with fake followers and streams. Spotify recently took down 750,000 songs from the platform due to suspicious bot-like consumption behavior. Fortunately, our advanced filtering process guarantees that your track will only receive playlist placements that meet Spotify’s favorable grading.

Adam Gonzalez, Spotify’s Vice President of Marketing, has revealed what it takes to get on both Discover Weekly and Release Radar. Discover Weekly favors tracks with 20,000+ streams and good listen-through rates, saves, playlist adds, and social shares. On the other hand, Release Radar promotes your new music to users who frequently listen to or follow you. By utilizing PlaylistStreams, you can reach the right audience that is most likely to leave a positive impact on the metrics Gonzalez mentions, making it an indispensable tool in your promotional arsenal.

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