Our Vision

PlaylistStreams! Organic music promotions professionals based in Los Angeles, California. Our Team has more than a decade of experience working with Spotify’s curators. We know what kind of song makes an impact and what doesn’t.

Using our experience, we crafted PlaylistStreams as a means of sharing our playlist analytic strategy with aspiring musicians looking to make a splash on Spotify. Through our efforts, Artist’s kick start their opportunity to reach the Spotify Editorial system and potentially end up on Release Radar or Discover Weekly playlists, sometimes both! Once your song campaign is accepted by our A&R Team, we Guarantee the results.

Our Approach

While we live in a world where musicians and mangers sometimes resort to computer generated fake-plays on Spotify, at PlaylistStreams, we believe in an organic approach above all else. That’s how we built the worlds best song pitching analytics system for user playlists.

While we can’t accept every song that crosses our path, the A&R approved songs selected for Spotify playlists are chosen for their potential to grow organically. If your song experiences success, it’s because it was that good, not because bots spread it across playlists.

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